Music is at the heart of what we do and getting the right track played at the right time is vital to the success of any event.
We have many years of experience and a huge and ever increasing catalogue of great music from across the decades.
Right now there is in excess of 50,000 tracks on our system.

Our aim is to ensure that you and your guests have a fantastic time dancing the night away at Nurstead Court!
There has been an uprising of the 'playlist' culture over the last few years with many of our clients sending over lists of their favourite music for us to play at their event. We embrace this and welcome all your input, after all it's your day!.

With this in mind we created a place in your client portal for you to tell us all about what you do and don't like. You have complete control or you can leave it up to us to keep the dance floor alive..

We also built an area for your guests to leave requests. Its entirely up to you if you tell them about it though! In the 'Music' section of your portal you will see various sections that can be filled in, such as 'First Dance', 'Must play' and 'Like'. You can also add a comment next to each track if you wish.

There is a limit to the number of tracks that be chosen for each section. The main reason for this is time. In 4 hours we can usually play around 60 tracks (based on an average of 4 minutes per track)..

There is a fully searchable database of music inside your portal (and in guest requests). If that all important track is not in there, just add it manually. We probably do have it and if not, we will source it for you.

To make things a little easier for you, we've broken down the music choices into several categories. Each category is limited to a number of choices that break down as shown below...


  • First Dance = 1 (only applies to weddings)

  • Second Dance = 1 (only applies to weddings)

  • Father / Daughter Dance = 1 (only applies to weddings)

  • Must Play = 15 (Guaranteed to be played)

  • Like = 15 (Limit is 20 in non-wedding event)

  • Last Dances = 2 (only applies to weddings)

  • Avoid = 10

So that leaves a further 25-30 songs that can be chosen by you or your guests for your event.

Requests are always taken on the day unless restricted by you!.

Guest Requests... (Not currently limited).

If you decide to use the guest request system you will need to send your guests the link and password we sent you; just let us know if you can't find it.
Please DO NOT publish this 'openly' on social media but by all means, if you have a 'private group' on Facebook etc. that includes only those you plan to or have invited, then feel free to put it there.
All guest requests are checked and filtered by us to make sure they are suitable to be played. They will also appear in your own portal and can be edited or deleted by you if you don't approve! We currently don't limit the total number of guest requests but have limited the number of requests by an individual person to just two. This gives everyone a chance to get something they like played, however we cannot make any guarantees that they will hear them.

We have been perfecting our craft for nearly 30 years and we have learnt what it takes to rock the party so if you decide to leave it up to us then rest assured we will keep the night flowing perfectly.

Music planning tips . . .


  • Consider your age groups. Most events usually have a wide range of people different age groups and musical tastes.

  • Include everyone!

  • Just because you absolutely love it and you sing it at the top of your voice in the car, it does not always mean everyone else thinks the same. Some tracks just don't work at parties.

  • Try not to choose lots of songs by one artist as this can seem a little repetitive.

  • Be sure to think about things that should be avoided at your event. There are many reasons for this and not just because you don't like it. It could be that a song might be offensive or bring back sad memories for someone.

  • You can tell us ' No Abba' or 'No party dance songs' rather than listing each one individually.

  • Last of all, make it count! Have a think about what's really going to get your party going.


Special Music Sets . . .

From time to time we get asked about playing a special 'set' of tracks for 30 mins or an hour. Over the years we have had many clients ask us to do this. It could be Ska, Garage or an hour of Eurovision hits! (Yeah we know! But it did work for that event!).
If this is something you are interested in doing, please contact us directly to discuss how we can make this work rather than putting it in your client portal.

International Music . . . 

Some of of clients from other parts of the world have ask us about playing special music from specific countries. These could be for traditional reasons or just because a group of guests would appreciate dancing to something from home.

We have done this a few times and it's always fun to do but we will need help and guidance from you to get this right.

Please contact us directly if it's something you want to have.

What we don't play . . . (So, we do have some self imposed rules about what we won't play!)

  • No offensive music containing racist or explicit content. (We will be happy to play professionally edited versions considered suitable for public broadcast).

  • No Heavy Rock/Metal/Techno (unless specifically agreed in advance).

  • No Agadoo, Birdie Song, Superman (Sorry we deleted these years ago under instruction of the disco police!)

  • Anything you specifically tell us not to play. We will stick to this ridgedly no matter what unless you personally tell us otherwise on the day.

What we do play . . .

If you'd prefer to leave it to us; We play dance floor classics from across the decades and the best new pops songs of the day.
Our many years of experience means we know what keeps people dancing. We like to play songs that work together in short sets so for example, we might play 20 minutes of classic 80's songs back to back before changing to something else. We have also learnt not to peak too early meaning we will play 'that song' at the right point in the evening to have the best impact on the dance floor. How do we know when that time is? Well that's the secret bit and we are not telling! You will just have to trust us on this!.

We really hope you have enjoyed reading this and have a better understanding of how to pick that all important music for your event.

If you have any questions we would love to hear from you!.

See you on the dance floor!

Lee & Gareth